"When properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend."

Bobbi Junier



Bobbi is proud to now be affiliated with Kathy Brown at Doggie Day Care and Salon.  She brings over 25 years of dog experience ranging from breeding and showing to handling and training.   She recently returned from Houston, Texas where she spent almost two years assisting PetCo in revitalizing their training programs in 36 stores and was successful in implementing techniques and insights that set new company standards for the entire region.  Bobbi has always had a special love for 'the family pet' and the opportunity to now enjoy so many of them in a cage-free pack is impossible to resist!


She firmly believes that the family dog should be a HUGE part of the family pack and giving a dog clear boundaries and expectations in a positive way can ensure that any dog will provide years of loyal, faithful love, fun and enjoyment.   It's never too soon to start and you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!  A Basic Obedience course is a great way to strengthen the owner/pet bond and clarify the human world for your dog.  Bobbi's insight into canine psychology will help clarify the canine mindset for you as well!  Obedience training is vital for a new pup or dog of any age that is new to your home and is also a fun social refresher for an older dog that might just need to brush up.  Perhaps most important is the benefit humans receive when they learn how to understand their dog which makes the relationship easier and much more rewarding.

 Bobbi does not work for Doggie Daycare and Salon.  Please contact her personally by phone.

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