#1 Question Asked...

Will my dog be able to be integrated into a cage-free environment with other dogs without fighting or being picked on?...


Most likely they will.  Dogs are pack animals and that is why they integrate with you and your family so well.  They have learned to live with you and your good and bad traits.  They desire your touch and closeness.  It is no different at Doggie Daycare.  I do not know how other daycares work but my staff of trained and experienced dog care professionals introduce each dog, one at a time until we are comfortable with their behaviors before placing them in a group.

1.  Each dog has dominant or submissive traits.  They will demonstrate these during introductions which will help them fit into the group in an orderly fashion.  Neither trait is better than the other, it is simply necessary for their unity. 

2.  The owners cannot be present as the dogs may instinctively "protect" them and it can cause the introduction to go poorly.

3.  Introducing them one at a time is good because it keeps the new dog from feeling ganged up on even if all of the dogs are friendly.  Overwhelmed dogs can get that "fight or flight" instinct that can be dangerous for all dogs and people involved.  Your dogs' emotional well-being and safety are important.

The trained attendant is the Alpha, they play when we play and rest when we rest.  It is a harmonious society with lots of human interaction.

By the way, smaller dogs are not picked on and if truth be known, they usually dominate. You know your small breed dog.  The small breeds are not afraid to speak "Doggie" language and let others know when they are to be left alone.  The larger breeds usually run away to play with others. 

Plus, I have lots of space.  I seperate dogs into personality, not necessarily size groups,  daily that play well or sleep well together. Of course extreme differences in sizes like teacups and a giants are taken into considerdation. Everyone is accomodated.  No dog is left out.


Again, safety, sanitation and individual attention for each dog is priortiy.  I do recommend you visit us first and if needed, try us out before committing to boarding.  Some owners even prep their dog for boarding by bringing them 2 or 3 times for daycare before the overnight stay starts.  I will accomodate you and your pet any way I can to help you feel comfortable leaving your dog or dogs in my care.

Just in Case Disclosure Necessary for my Business. 

I am sure you understand.

Doggie Daycare ad Salon would like to disclose that we take all reasonable precautions to insure your dogs safety but this is a cage-free environment and we are handling animals that can be unpredictable.  Therefore, we may not be liable for injuries acquired to your dog(s) from other dogs behaviors.  Your dog may also be left alone for short periods of time with other compatible dogs.  If you are uncomfortable with this we can separate them.  I have very few issues here at Doggie Daycare and Salon but please do not place your dog in our care if you are overly concerned about them.  It will ruin your vacation or business trip to worry about your dog the whole time.  Of course you can call and check on them anytime.

Thank you.



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